ATMEX (Adventure Travel México) is an event focused on business and strategic partnerships which goal is to regenerate, strengthen, and grow the Mexican Adventure and Nature Travel industry, through the generation of connections and key relationships between buyers, suppliers and specialized media, as well as the industry´s players professionalization through an academic program designed to share the latest trends, best practices, success stories related to the adventure travel in Mexico and around the world.  

ATMEX (Adventure Travel México) was born in Mexico in 2012 as an effort to address the need to continue strengthening the Mexican Adventure and Nature Travel industry, after the country hosted the Adventure Travel World Summit 2011, in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

ATMEX was born under the leadership of Antonio del Rosal, who at that time acted as the Executive Director for Latin America for the Adventure Travel Trade Association, ATTA, and who, also since 2008 has been General Director for Experiencias Genuinas, with the valuable colaboration of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, ATTA, the Mexico Tourism Board (CPTM) and the Tourism Ministry (SECTUR.)   Since 2015, the a Adventure Travel Trade Association stopped having any relationship or involvement with ATMEX, becoming a 100% Mexican event.

ATMEX (Adventure Travel Mexico) is possible thanks to the collaboration between the host destination (Mexican states, cities or municipalities), the organizing company and owner of the ATMEX brand: ATMEX- Adventure Travel Mexico (Experiencias Genuinas) and official authorities from the tourism sector (SECTUR, CPTM, etc.)

ATMEX (Adventure Travel Mexico) is a 3 day event which complements with pre or post adventure familiarization trips (FAMs) offered by the destinations participating in the event. 

The event runs the following way:

Pre-FAM trips offered by the participating Mexican destinations and the guest destination (s) with or without cost for the buyers and media. 

Day 1: One day Adventures and Inaugural Cocktail. 

Day 2: One on one Meetings and Plenary Sessions. 

Day 3: One on one Meetings, simultaneous conferences and workshops, plenary session and closing ceremony/cocktail.  

Post-FAM trips, whenever the destinations decide to offer one. 

ATMEX has had 6 editions:


  • ATMEX 2012, Veracruz, México.
  • ATMEX 2013, Veracruz, México.
  • ATMEX 2014, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México.
  • ATMEX 2015, Palenque, Chiapas, México.
  • ATMEX 2017, Tabasco, México
  • ATMEX 2018, Colima, México

ATMEX (Adventure Travel Mexico) is an event for the Adventure and Nature travel industry professionals, and although it is not open to the public, ATMEX is an inclusive event that welcomes all those people interested in the tourism industry. 

The ATMEX (Adventure Travel Mexico) key players are:

  • Mexican state and municipal governments through their tourism ministries; trusts and promotion entities, associations and any other organization related to the Adventure and Nature travel industry. 
  • Tour operators from diverse destinations in Mexico and guest countries
  • Tourism suppliers like hotels, airlines, transportation companies, insurance companies, etc. 
  • Social companies focused or related to the Adventure and Nature Travel. 
  • National and international buyers (travel advisors, tour operators, travel agencies, OTA´s, etc.) who are interested in developing or strengthening partnerships with local tour operators in different destinations in Mexico or with other tourism service providers which allow them grow their product offering.   
  • National and international specialized media interested in tourism and the Adventure and Nature Travel industry, as well as in related topics that are part of this industry like sustainability, environment conservation, cultural protection, etc. 
  • Tourism industry professionals.
  • Expert speakers specialized on important and diverse topics related to the industry.
  • NGO´s  and Association representatives.
  • Investors and consultants related to the tourism industry. 
  • Sponsors 

Go to www.atmex.org and identify which kind of delegate you are (Delegate, Provider, Media, Buyer) choose the correct registration form, fill it in, pay your registration (if you are not a buyer or media) and submit it.  As soon as we receive it we will get in touch with you.  

How to apply as a hosted buyer or media?

Go to www.atmex.org and look for the Buyer and Media applications, choose the one that fits your profile, fill it in and submit it. As soon as we receive it we will get in touch with you. Your application will be reviewed and once it’s been approved we will let you know. (If there were some questions about your application or it hasn’t been approved we will reach out to you.)

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