ATMEX 2019 was held in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico from October 23 to 25.

During the event there were more than 1,300 formal meetings during the marketplace between adventure travel providers, destinations and national and international buyers and media. There were also different talks from renowned experts from around the world that spoke about tourism and its link with natural protected areas to provide regenerative tourism opportunities for local communities. 

Social enterprises

ATMEX, FUNDEMEX, INAES and La Universidad del Medio Ambiente (UMA) joined forces to invite social enterprises focused in adventure travel to participate in ATMEX 2019.

Buyers and media

More than 50 international and national buyers and media participated in this edition.


Natural Protected Areas as tourism detonators



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FALL 2020

ATMEX 2020 will be held in Baja California Sur. Join hundreds of adventure travel industry professionals for the 8th edition of ATMEX, where we’ll have conferences, business meetings, one day adventures and Adventure FAMs in one of Mexico’s most impressive destinations. 

Marcela Quiroz

Marcela Quiroz (38 years old) is Tompkins Conservation´s Chile Development Associate and part of the Route of Parks project, a 1,700 mile scenic journey through 17 National Parks in Chilean Patagonia.

Born in Santiago, Chile, Marcela studied Hispano-American literature at the Universidad de Chile and journalism at Universidad Católica de Chile. Her written work has appeared in a variety of publications including Rolling Stone Chile. Marcela moved to Patagonia in 2007, and worked as a trekking guide in Torres del Paine National Park for three years. The experience she gained shaped her vision and led her to work as a travel designer and marketing assistant for various tourism and conservation projects. She joined Tompkins Conservation in 2016.

 Marcela has extensive knowledge of the Patagonia territory, helping travellers find meaningful experiences in the natural world, engaging tourist in conservation and local economic development. She is experienced in coordination of teams, execution of projects in the field and operational planning. She loves outdoor life and nature and especially committed to environmental and social causes. 


Maurici Carbó

Maurici Carbó, born in Barcelona – Spain, is a professional specialized in management and marketing of tourist destinations and sports tourism. He is currently leading a consulting company with two divisions: Smart Destination Consulting focused on destination planning and transformation of Destination Management Organizations (DMOs). 

Sports Tourism Consulting is focus on sports tourism marketing, research and business development and sales strategy.

Previously, he has worked as managing director of the destination management organisations of Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava and the Aran Valley in the Pyrenees. This experience in two leading Spanish destinations, the first in a coastal destination, and the second in mountain and adventure tourism, have given him a global vision of tourism with an extensive knowledge of international tourism and the management challenges of mass and mature coastal and mountain destinations.

His experience in public bodies management is complemented at regional and international level, as a result of having worked for the Catalan Tourist Board at its headquarters in Barcelona and in Tourspain at the Spanish Tourism Office in Munich, Germany.

He has also worked in the adventure tour operator sector and collaborates as a professor at the Universities of Girona, CETT – University of Barcelona and EAE Business School – Ostelea School of Tourism & Hospitality. 

He is currently part of the team of trainers of the World Tourism Organization. (UNWTO Academy).

His passion are the mountains and outdoor sports and he considers that he has the privilege of being able to combine them professionally.


Gerardo Ibarra

Héctor Gerardo Ibarra, was born in Torreón Coahuila in October of 1988.

He is a graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana Laguna with Industrial Engineering Degree. He is certified as a Development Instructor by the Richmond Vale Academy at St. Vincent & Grenadines. He is currently a student of the master’s degree in sustainable tourism at the Universidad del medio ambiente.

He has collaborated in different international organizations in poverty reduction, community development and education projects.

  • He worked in Subsaharian África on development projects during 2011.
  • He was a consultant in Bolivia during 2013.
  • He was director of “Un Techo for my country A.C.” in Mexico City.
  • He collaborated as project manager at United Way Mexico.

He is co-founder and Strategic Director of Ruta Origen, a Mexican social company dedicated to community development through sustainable tourism. Working with more than 80 allies in more than 5 states of the republic, focusing on food production chains, conservation of biocultural heritage and local cuisine.

He works as a consultant and workshop on social entrepreneurship, project management and sustainable tourism. Collaborating with organizations such as Junior Achievement, New Ventures, EDUCA Foundation, ITESO and the Universidad Iberoamericana.

He has published articles in different countries on topics related to tourism and social entrepreneurship.


Sandro Cusi

An advocate for nature conservation, since being a Young kid traveled across Mexico by foot, camping and looking for exotic orchids with his father, with whom he founded Rio Verde Orchids, a nursery dedicated to the propagation and culture of orchids with an emphasis on Mexican species. 

Being always a fan of practicing water sports, he pioneered the development of windsurfing in Mexico and more recently with a renewed interest in Mountain Biking.

His love and passion for the beauty of Mexican nature, drove him to focus on a career in conservation and sustainable development.

For five years now he leads Procuenca, an environmental NGO dedicated to preserve and protect the Valle de Bravo – Amanalco watershed and the sustainable development of its communities.

During this time he has driven the Project “Wheels for trees” an action that focuses on nature sustainable tourism in forest ecosystems owned by ejidos in Amanalco. 


Federico Llamas

Bachelor in Business Administration from the Universidad Iberoamericana, México and Master in Environmental Studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He graduated with honors from these programs, began his career questioning the role of companies in relation to the socio-environmental viability of our planet, leading him to be a pioneer in the launch of the concept of impact companies.

He has been a speaker at various forums related to education, business and sustainability such as TEDx, GreenExpo, National Entrepreneur Week, Eco Fest, Cleantech Cluster, Meeting of Change Agents Leaders, International Sustainability Forum among others.

He has received recognition for his career through organizations such as Holcim Prize, Quorum Prize and Win-Win Award and Latin American Quality Awards.

 Since 2006 he has served as Founding Partner and General Director of the University of the Environment, the first Latin American postgraduate institution focused on sustainability. Currently participates in various socio-environmental organizations such as the Urban Planning Committee in Valle de Bravo, the Association of Communities of the Valley of Acatitlán, Somos Valle, and the Citizen Observatory.


Rebeca Yañez

General Director of Dopamina.Travel adventure travel company specialized in Mexico and the world

Degree in History from the UIA, with a Master in History from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. General Director of Dopamina, an agency specializing in adventure tourism. She also served as Director for Latin America of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). She has been in charge of public relations with the main governments and representatives of the tourism industry at international level and coordinator of the most important events of the industry in Latin America.

Mayra Jimenez

Degree in International Relations at UNAM. He studied the Master in Political Action and Citizen Participation at the Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tourism at the University of the Environment. He specializes in design, project management, strategic planning and social responsibility. She is certified in Project Management by the International Project Management Association. He has more than 15 years of experience in environmental issues, mainly in issues such as water, integrated waste management, urban agriculture, reforestation, environmental legislation, environmental education, fundraising, community projects and environmental public policies. She was an advisor to the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District, the Commission for Rural Development in the Senate of the Republic and in the area of strategic planning in the Ministry of Public Education. She currently serves as General Secretary in Organi-k A.C. and General Coordinator of Manos a la Tierra.



Norie Quintos

Norie Quintos is a consultant for the travel industry on communications strategy, media relations, custom content, and messaging. She helps destinations and travel companies find and tell their stories through communications audits, seminars and training, coaching, and print and pixel projects. An award-winning journalist, she is an Editor at Large for National Geographic Travel Media, contributing content and representing the iconic brand. She has spoken and presented at conferences including the Adventure Travel World Summit, the New York Times Travel Show, International Media Marketplace, the International Indigenous Tourism Conference, and the World Bank World Tourism Day Forum. Her interest areas are cultural tourism, indigenous tourism, sustainable tourism, and transformational travel.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund and an advisor to Adventure Media, the Transformational Travel Council, National Geographic Travel Media, Impact Travel Alliance, and the social enterprise startup Giving Way. She is the former executive editor of National Geographic Traveler and was an editor at U.S. News and World Report and Caribbean Travel and Life. She has lived abroad and speaks several languages (badly!). She bikes, hikes, and tweets @noriecicerone. www.noriequintos.com


Angelina Martínez

Angelina is proudly Oaxacan and Serrana, above all, a passionate about travel and nature. She has more than 7 years of experience working with community tourism, designing nature and adventure travel experiences with a high sense of responsibility.

At the end of 2011 she took over the general coordination of Expediciones Sierra Norte (The Community touroperator of the Pueblos Mancomunados of Oaxaca, which constitute one of the most important cases of success of Community Based Tourism in México), thus becoming the first woman to direct the company. Since her arrival to ESN, Angelina has worked hand by hand with the communities to strengthen the destination, innovate their products and improve the marketing process through new alliances with other actors in the tourism sector. In 2017, derived from an alliance with Mi2U, they launched Reservas MI2U,a booking and management system that allows the company to sell online, organize information and generate sales reports.

Recently Angelina was part of the generation of entrepreneurs “BBVA Momentum 2019”


Lucy Peralta

Degree in philosophy from the University of Guanajuato and Master in Latin American Leisure Studies from IPECAL

National Certifications:

Specialized hiking guide NOM-09-TUR-2002

Environmental educator by ADA (Leraning Tree Project) SEP

International certifications

Wilderness First Reply

Leave No Trace


Coordination of the operational tasks of the Tlachtli organization, a company dedicated for more than 24 years to nature tourism, adventure tourism and inclusive tourism.

Trainer of the graduates of:

Inclusive Tourism

Nature-oriented guides and 

Specialized hiking guides

According to NOM-09-TUR-2002

Norman Rodea

37 years old, Systems and Algorithms Engineer – UDLAP

Professional Mountain and expedition guide with 20 years experience.

Outdoor Education Facilitator with 15 years experience.

Faculty and consultant for The Environmental University (UMA): Sustainable tourism site and product development, and Deep Ecology.

Program Director for Outward Bound Mexico.

Designed the based model for the Sustainable Tourism Masters Program for The Environmental University (UMA)

Certified Instructor for NOM-09-TUR-2012 certification

Active member with the Mexican Mountain and Climbing Guides Association

Inner martial arts student with the Shaolín Wanham Institute and Kaula Tantra.

Collaborator with Mexico Desconocido and Walking Mexico travel magazines.

Chief Route designer on Desafío Discovery 2016 for Discovery Channel.

Worked and studied with more than 15 indigenous groups in Mexico and South America on cosmovision and ancestral knowledge.

Permaculture and Site Understanding certificate

Worked for several projects on bio-cultural tourism for rural communities and private sector, with a highlight project “Ruta Sur Mexico” for SECTUR where he traced a 900 km route running a deep research on social & environmental understanding over the biological corridors of Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas.


Miguel Gutierrez

Born: November, 3 1962

Hang Gliding 1976 Mexican Pioneer

Ultralights 1978 Mexican Pioneer

Paragliding 1987 Mexican Pioneer

ALAS DEL HOMBRE www.alas.com.mx Founder and owner, First Hang Gliding & Paragliding school in Mexico since 1978


Hang Gliding

8 Times National Champion


4 Times National Champion

8 times member of national team at F.A.I. World Hang Gliding Championships

2 times member of national team at F.A.I. World Paragliding Championships


2012  Premio “Luchador Olmeca”  CODEME




2016 F.A.I. Hang Gliding & Paraglding Diploma, Por la trayectoria en ambos deportes., Bali, Indonesia.


Copa Daniel Gremion 1988, 1989

North American Paragliding Championships NORAM 1997

Monarca Paragliding Open 2002-2019

2009 F.A.I. XI World Paragliding Championships

2011 Paragliding World Cup Super Final

2015 F.A.I. XX World Hang Gliding Championships

Paragliding World Cup SuperFINAL 2011 and 2015


Gabriel Chavez

He has plenty experience in the formulation, negotiation and implementation of rural development projects with a territorial approach and conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity; incorporating approaches to socio-ecosystem connectivity, sustainable land management, food security and rural cooperative ventures; as well as financial strategies and improvement of the effectiveness of protected area management.

He has worked professionally in various fields of work: Civil Organizations (such as the Mexican Foundation for Rural Development), the Federal Public Administration (Secretariat of Agrarian Reform) and International Cooperation Organizations, such as the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

His experience is mainly in working diverse rural enzymes, both in Mexico and in Colombia, with indigenous, peasant and black communities, which has allowed him to have extensive knowledge of the problems and needs of ethnic populations in different contexts; highlighting the Colombian case in the context of armed conflict and post-conflict.

His work experience includes being a Project Coordinator at the Mexican Foundation for Rural Development, Deputy Director of Agrarian Development in the Secretariat of Agrarian Reform FIFONAFE, Coordinating the Component “Development of Notebooks of Development Alternatives and Challenges of the Agrarian Nuclei” in the Project of IICA Mexico – RAN, Coordinator of the Technical Cooperation Program – FAO in Colombia, coordinator of the Project Portfolio of the Global Environment Facility GEF – FAO also in Colombia and is currently the Director of Sustainable Productive Inclusion at the National Institute of The Social Economy


Gloria Tavera

Biologist, specialist in Natural Protected Areas Management, governance, management and social participation with more than 30 years of experience. He has received national and international recognition for his achievements to preserve the natural heritage of Mexico. Through his professional development he has worked in the academy, Social Organizations. International Civil Society Organizations and is currently the Regional Director of the Center and Neovolcanic Hub of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas.

Among the actions undertaken in recent years has been the promotion of the National Network for the Conservation of the Monarch Butterfly, as well as coordinating the preparation of the Action Plan for the Conservation of the Monarch Butterfly in Mexico.

He has formed and promoted different productive projects in various Protected Natural Areas of the country, among which the ecotourism projects that have been economic triggers to conserve territories and generate economic benefits to local communities stand out.

It is characterized by its passion, dedication and commitment to nature conservation and community development.

Anna Pollock

Anna Pollock, Founder of Conscious.Travel, has 45 years’ experience in tourism as an independent consultant, strategist, international speaker and change agent. Clients include the Canadian Tourism Commission, PATA, European Travel Commission, European Cities, and Tourism New Zealand. Recipient of The Visionary of the Year Award from the Canadian tourism industry, 

Anna has undertaken seminal work in many aspects of tourism and is currently addressing ways of mitigating the negative impacts associated with “overtourism.” During the 1990s Anna established herself as a thought leader on the strategic implications of the Internet; created the first internet-based tourism strategy for Scotland and co-developed one of the first multi-purpose destination management systems. 

Her strength is her ability to see the whole “big picture” and help others make sense of their rapidly and dramatically changing world. She even predicted the emergence of a company like Airbnb back in 2004 and was invited to speak at the annual Airbnb Summit in Paris in 2015. 

Her passion now is to help hosts and destinations flourish through a period of turbulent change and uncertainty in which many traditional business models are being disrupted. Anna now focuses on models of destination development that generate higher yields with less impact.


Luis Miguel Pando Leyva

Cursa Estudios de Administración de Empresas Turísticas en la Universidad Anáhuac, y posteriormente la carrera de Economía, en la Escuela Nacional de Estudios Profesionales de la UNAM;  cursa también estudios de diplomado en Comercio Internacional, Empleo y Desarrollo en el ITAM; sobre Sistemas de Recuperación de Información en Secobi-Conacyt; de Cooperación Empresarial en la USIS-USA; de Desarrollo Integral de Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas en el IPADE; de Formación Social en USEM; y de Liderazgo y Negociaciones en la Kennedy School de la Universidad de Harvard en EUA.

Su experiencia profesional se inicia en la Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Transformación a la que se integra en 1978. Posteriormente ocupa diversas posiciones en la Dirección de Estudios Económicos hasta llegar a ser Director del área de 1983 a 1986; fue también editor de la revista Transformación de 1981 a 1986. A partir de noviembre de 1986 y hasta octubre de 1999 ocupa la Dirección General de CANACINTRA. En noviembre de 1999 se incorpora como Director General de la Confederación de Cámaras Industriales de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (CONCAMIN) y a partir de enero del año 2003 se incorpora al Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE) como Director General.

Entre otras actividades, fue Presidente de la Asociación Nacional de Ejecutivos de Organismos Empresariales y Profesionales (Angecai) durante el periodo 2000-2003; Tesorero y Consejero del Instituto Ciudadano de Estudios sobre Inseguridad, A.C. (ICESI); es Apoderado General e integrante del Consejo Asesor Técnico del Centro de Estudios Económicos del Sector Privado (CEESP) y de Centro de Estudios del Sector Privado para el Desarrollo Sustentable (CESPEDES); es también Consejero del Instituto FONACOT y fue Presidente del Comité de Administración Integral de Riesgos del mismo; y actualmente funge como Secretario de Consejo de la Fundación del Empresariado en México (Fundemex); Protesorero de la US México Foundation, así como Consejero del Fideicomiso Fuerza México. Ha sido conferencista sobre diversos temas económicos, industriales y sobre cooperación internacional, a la vez que ha representado a México en diversos Foros Internacionales.


Roberto de la Maza

Law degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with a thesis on the “Legal Regime of Natural Protected Areas in Mexico”, he studied a Master in Environmental Policy and Management at the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain, a course of International Environmental Law at the Universidad Austral de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a course on Sustainable Development at the Technological Institute of Zurich, Switzerland.

He has served as an advisor to the Legal Affairs Unit of the then Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries (1997 to 2000), where he was responsible for coordinating the preparation of the draft Regulation of the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection in the Area of Natural Protected Areas.

Subsequently, he served as Technical Secretary of the Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries of the Senate (2003 to 2008), where he collaborated on projects that allowed raising the zoning of Natural Protected Areas to the General Law of Ecological Balance and Protection of Environment, as well as strengthen the recognition of voluntary land conservation initiatives, through the creation of Areas voluntarily dedicated to conservation.


He is currently Director of Environmental Policy for Asesores Integrales, S.C., and is a member of the Network of Legal Experts on Climate Change, the group of teachers of the University of the Environment and the Interdisciplinary Center for Biodiversity and Environment, A.C.


He has numerous papers and publications on Natural Protected Areas, highlighting the Master Conference on “Natural Protected Areas”, at the Hidalgo State Congress, in 2019, the Master Conference on “Voluntary conservation of properties in Mexico”, in the XII Latin American Congress of Private Natural Reserves, held in Chachapoyas, Peru, in 2018, the paper on “The recognition of properties as natural protected areas and pending reforms”, at the Seminar on voluntary conservation of properties, organized by the Chamber of Deputies and the French Development Agency, in 2014, and the article on “Natural protected areas and tourism; an option for sustainable development ”, contained in the book Ecotourism and adventure tourism in Mexico, published by the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, in 2014.


Rodrigo Trujillo

Rodrigo Trujillo Rojo has worked for 10 years leading environmental and development projects in vulnerable comunities in Mexico.  

In the meantime, he worked for 8 years for the engineering industry, leading work groups, infrastructure and hydraulic projects in Mexico.

As a entrepreneur he has developed, from scratch, diverse projects in restaurant and services, infrastructure and design and last in tourism fields. What has been common denominator in all these projects is the collaborative work model. This model pretends link activities and skilled labor in communities with consumers needs. Without meaning an extra expense or extraordinary effort from whom provides these services. This model has represented a helpful tool to work in heal some problems like low incomes in communities, unfair trades, among others. A Community Circular Economy model.   

Currently, Rodrigo is a GREEN MBA at UMA. With the aim of professionalize the processes of community interventions. Designing with all the stakeholders. 



José Luis Sosa Limón

With more than 20 years working in the tourism sector, the last decade I have researched and developed the bases of the sports tourism segment, currently with COMETUD we identify that in tourist destinations, especially in the province, the connection of sport and tourism with Protected Natural Areas is vital for communities, as they are spaces for recreation, fun and even competition, a communion between the tourist / spectator and the environment.


Juan José Ramírez Lerma

Biologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Master in Environmental Sciences from The University of Melbourne in Australia. Between 2011 and 2017 he collaborated with Natura and Ecosistemas Mexicanos A.C. in conservation and sustainable management projects in the Lacandona Jungle in Chiapas. Coordinating tourism projects with community social enterprises in the Marqués de Comillas municipality. He participated in the formulation of an ecotourism development plan for the Lacandona community of Lacanja-Chansayab. Since 2018, he collaborates with the General Direction of Institutional Development and Promotion of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas in the formulation and implementation of subregional tourism plans in Protected Natural Areas in the Neovolcanic Axis, the Coast of Oaxaca and the Sierra and north of the state of Chihuahua, as well as in linking with key actors for the planning of tourism activity.

Jennine Cohen

Jennine Cohen is a luxury and adventure travel expert, speaker and coach. Selected as a Forbes Changemaker she is frequently called upon as a media source and has quoted in Travel & Leisure, AFAR, National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, YahooTravel, Fortune, Forbes, Vox News, and others. These days, she is the Managing Director of Global Sales at GeoEx.

Jennine’s podcast The Everyday Magic Project podcast is a series of interviews with inspiring big wave surfers, polar explorers, kayakers, healers, artists, musicians, sailors, and others who have harnessed the magic of travel and use it in their everyday lives. 

She is also the Co-Founder of the Women Travel Leaders professional womens organization, which has chapters worldwide of top women in the adventure and luxury travel industries. 

Jennine is also an Ambassador for the Transformational Travel Council and sits on the board of the Internatiional Galapagos Tour Operators Association. 


Alexa Pauls

Alexa was born in Germany, grew up in different countries around the world and decided to establish in Mexico. After finishing her Masters in Anthropology and History at the University of Berlin, she decided to train as a rafting guide in Jalcomulco, Veracruz. Experience that led her to live the world of travel not only from the perspective of a passionate traveler, but from a professional angle. Today she has twenty years of experience in different branches of tourism in Mexico: adventure tourism guide, partner of an ecotourism company, coordinator of cultural excursions of INAH and specialized guide for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies and cultural institutions , even quality manager of a luxury hotel. She has collaborated as coordinator in events such as the Paragliding World Championship, the Ollin Kan World Music Festival and the German Walter Reuter Journalism Prize, building international networks and facilitating intercultural understanding processes. She is currently Director of the Academic Area of Sustainable Tourism at the University of the Environment (UMA), where she explores, together with her students and collaborators, the implications of designing and developing responsible and regenerative tourism.


Viviana Cohen

My name is Viviana Cohen Parker. I was born in Mexico City, and my dream has always been to write and travel. The daughter of an Argentinian father and a Mexican mother, from a very young age I have looked for ways to combine my two greatest passions, and fortunately, I have had the opportunity to visit a multitude of places and create narrative projects. Two years ago, I recieved the Jóvenes Creadores (Young Creators) scholarship from FONCA (Mexico’s National Fund for the Arts). In addition, I studied sociology at UNAM (Mexico’s National University), literary creation at SOGEM (Mexican Writers Society), and script writing at the CCC (one of Mexico’s most important film schools). Currently, I am the Web Editor at Revista Travesías.


Gerardo Camarena











Ru Hill

In 2007 UK born, Ru Hill began doing surf lessons out of the back of his car in Nosara, Costa Rica. 12 years later his $1000 dollar per day boutique surf coaching resort is booked out 22 months in advance throughout the year, with over 500 hundred people on the waiting list for any given week. Through Surf Simply, Ru created a new market for high end surf coaching vacations which had previously not existed. The story of Surf Simply’s unique business model, revolutionary surf coaching methodology and highly motivated team has appeared in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and on CNN among others. Ru has previously given talks at Google and is also host of one of the industries leading podcasts of the same name.


Carlos Zarazua

Carlos is public accountant from the Higher School of Commerce and Administration (ESCA), IPN. For more than 40 years he has participated in various fields in the public and orivate sectors, in areas of management, analysis and generation of proposals. 

He is currently the General Director of the Fundación del Empresariado en México, FUNDEMEX, dedicated to promote the generation of economic, social and environmental value, through the creation of business links, between social companies and private leading companies.

In the private sector, he was also General Director of the National Agricultural Council; He was Associate Consultant in Development of Organizations and Strategic Management, and Banking Executive in various areas of audit, regulation and control.

In the public sector he worked in the Ministry of Social Development, as Coordinator of Advisors of the Under secretariat of Social and Human Development; as General Director of Delegation Development; and, as Federal Delegate in Mexico City. In the Senate of the Republic, he was the Technical Coordinator of the Senate Treasury.