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The most important adventure travel trade in Mexico and Latin America goes, for the first time, to the United States.  This special edition is designed to strengthen the commercial partnerships between buyers and specialized media with Mexican adventure travel suppliers who offer top of the line products including the best of Mexico´s nature, culture and adventure.  

ATMEX mission is to show Mexico is much more than just a cheap beach and sun destination, but the place to enjoy the perfect combination of nature and culture experiences, with endless adventure, soft or hard, possibilities.

If you are an Mexican adventure travel tour operator and you are interested in strengthening or developing business partnerships with outbound tour operators and travel agents based in one of Mexico´s strategic “hubs” for the North American market.  Book your spot!  Limited spots available   


Ideal space to strengthen business opportunities between buyers, media and a selected group of tourism providers in México.

Keynote speakers

Learn from the experts the latest trends on Adventure Travel


Expand your knowledge and strengthen your organization participating in workshops specially designed for the adventure travel industry


Develop professional and personal relationships with likeminded people who share your passion for nature and adventure


Share your experience with other members of the industry and be part of the growth of the adventure travel industry..


Discover new opportunities to participate in FAM trips and one day adventures.



National and International buyers, ideally from North America, focused on adventure travel


National and International Media specialized on adventure travel who collaborate with traditional and digital outlets


Members of the adventure travel industry in Mexico

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