Natural Protected Areas as tourism detonators

In March 2018, the CONANP ( Protected Natural Areas National Commission) published a study titled: “Sustainable Tourism Strategic Framework in Protected Natural Areas” and through which seeks to put into value not only the 90 million hectares of  proteced natural areas which Mexico has, but also consolidate a mechanism to be able to communicate the real ecosystemic value these places represent for our planet and our own survival. 

According to SEMARNAT´s ( the Environment and Natural Resources Secretary) website one can read the following, “As we visit the Protected Natural Areas (PNA) that exist througout our country, we contrinute to the protection and conservation of biodiversity as well as helping to generate economic resources for the local communities whose protection of those natural areas means an imoportant revenue source.” 

Furthermore, the CONANP estimates that around 5.5 millions of tourists visit the country´s PNAs yearly, generating an economic impact directly related to tourism services of around $3,000 millon Mexican Pesos every year.” 

This year, ATMEX wants to showcase several success stories, both national and international on how to better take advantage of these natural protected areas, and open a forum to define  best practices, management criteria, product development and operations and marketing for the tourism product already available or new ones to be developed in the natural protected areas and national parks around Mexico. 


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