ATMEX Program 2018

SEPTEMBER 19 - 21, 2018

COMALa, Colima


Mexican Culture as a differentiator and competitive advantage for Nature and Adventure Tourism


For over a decade, the tourism industry has defined adventure tourism as those experiences that combine three fundamental elements: a) contact with nature; b) physical activities; c) cultural exchange.

Historically, members of the industry have focused more on the first two elements, physical activities (even extreme sports) and contact with nature. This year, ATMEX wants to focus on the third element: Cultural Exchange.

Culture, in all its forms, must be highlighted as the most important competitive advantage for Mexico against other world players in the adventure tourism sector. Mexico has 35 world heritage sites, ranking as #1 country with most WHS in the Americas and #7 globally according to UNESCO. 111 magical towns, gastronomy, charrería, mariachi, day of the death tradition and celebrations, Chiapa de Corzo’s parachicos, and the Voladores of Papantla are just a few more examples of Mexico’s assets considered intangible world heritage.

Other cultural expressions include traditional cuisine, textiles, alfarería, alebrijes, corridos (traditional Mexican songs), legends and literature among many other artistic expressions constitute an invaluable and unique asset that make Mexico’s offering one of a kind.

The tourism industry in Mexico needs to come together to preserve these cultural assets through authenticity and respect, as these elements add value to any adventure experience. How about a hiking experience that concludes with real local traditional cuisine? Or a tour through valleys and canyons and Pueblos Mágicos that include all the legends that make the experience a magical realism tale? Our industry must be responsible not only for generating economic development in regions that are rich culturally but don’t engage in the tourism economy today, but also of highlighting the tremendous value of our cultural heritage and preserving our identity.


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