Explore the Unique Natural Offerings of Loreto, Comondú and Mulegé

Baja California Sur 

With nearly year-round warm weather, sunny skies, deserts, mountains, beaches, a tranquil sea, and a rollicking ocean, Baja California Sur, the state in the southern half of the Baja Peninsula, is an adventure traveler’s paradise. The state’s incredible landscapes complement a variety of unique destinations, each offering a distinct array of adventurous experiences, activities, and personalities. From adrenaline pumping to eye popping, under water, on land and even in the air, Baja California Sur is home to active travel, outdoor exploration and exciting challenges on all levels. From the charming petite city of Loreto to far-off-the-beaten-path places like Mulegé and Comondú, the wide range of adventures available in Baja California Sur is a well-kept secret that we’re happy to let you in on. Uncover the special traits of each municipality and begin to understand why adventure travelers just cannot stop returning to the region. 


With more cacti than people, Loreto’s sparsely populated small city is a nature lovers paradise and an equally great spot for adventurers seeking sportfishing, kayaking, snorkeling or diving. Filled with crystal-clear, temperate waters, the Bay of Loreto is practically a giant swimming pool, with adventures of all kinds on the horizon. Local diving companies offer the “Try Scuba” or “Discover Scuba” service, offering tours of the vast underwater world to beginner divers without certificates. For a less demanding adventure, enjoy a luxurious catamaran cruise around the bay with ABT Sailing, offering chartered excursion ranging from three hours to overnight trips. The true highlight of Loreto, however, is that the bay is graced by annual winter visits from blue whales – the largest mammals on earth! Thanks to the array of extraordinary marine life, the Bay of Loreto, along with six offshore islands in the gulf have been designated as a protected national marine park and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. With all of the local marine life in Loreto, sportfisherman will also find themselves feeling at home, as the summer season welcomes fish species such as marlin, dorado, tuna and sailfish. 

On land, ATV off roading is a favorite and a range of hiking and mountain biking paths are easily reachable from town. Birdwatchers from around the world also come to Loreto to sneak peeks at its notable endemic bird population. 


The municipality of Comondú, a large swath of the state of Baja California Sur, mostly rests along the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula and is one of the most popular areas in Baja California Sur for adventurers to find grey whales. Take an excursion slightly south to the beautiful waters of Magdalena Bay. Along with being a popular area to spot grey whales during their migration season, Magdalena Bay is also known for its spectacular sportfishing. Elsewhere in Comondú, Puerto San Carlos and Puerto Lopez Mateos offer epic opportunities for travelers to snorkel, kayak, fish, surf, boat and camp, while Scorpion Bay in San Juanico is famously home to the second longest wave in the world and one of the best surf breaks in Baja – making it impossible to miss for thrill seeking surfers. 


Farther afield in the northern part of the state, the curious and adventurous traveler will be rewarded with a bucket-list worthy experience exploring the rock art and cave paintings in the areas around Mulegé. Dating up to 7500 years old, these pre-historic sites dot the peninsula and offer insights into an intriguing past. While some are relatively easy to access, most require a guide, and some even require an overnight camping excursion into the mountains, led by donkeys and trained guides. Local guides in Mulegè can also lead outdoor enthusiasts though a winding kayak excursion in the mysterious oasis of Heroica Mulegè.

Travelers who are seeking a bit more civilization in Mulegè can explore Santa Rosalia, a quaint town defined by French-style architecture and a delightful local cuisine headlined by El Boleo’s famed sweet bread. Santa Rosalia was recently named a Pueblo Magico or “Magic Town” by the Mexican government, acknowledging the town’s unique charm and mining-history. Other popular attractions in Mulegè include Mulegè’s own craft brewery – Mulegè Brewing, where beer lovers can dare to try all the flavors on offer, along with the Mulegè mission, a popular architectural landmark which facilitates a stunning sunset view. 

With each of Baja California Sur’s municipalities unique characteristics, adventure travelers will have no shortage of thrilling excursions to try across the state. Whether interested in on-land, at-sea, or a mix of both kinds of adventures, Baja California Sur’s perfect climate and bi-coastal geography create ideal conditions for all outdoors exploits that are offered. The state is covered in breathtaking scenery, from the windswept ocean beaches on the west to the tranquil, turquoise waters on the east. In between are canyons, desertscapes and lush oasis ripe for exploration. Known for its extraordinary marine life, whale watching is one of the area’s most well-known tourist attractions along with sportfishing, kayaking and sailing. Best of all, Baja California Sur is easier than ever to get to, with nonstop flights to Loreto, BCS via American Airlines out of Phoenix and Dallas and on Alaska out of Los Angeles and San Francisco, with Volaris from Tijuana and San Diego via the Cross Border Express, and Guadalajara in the mainland. More information on Baja California Sur is available at Visit Baja Sur.

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