International Women’s Day -A Massive Movement

For this year's International Women's Day on March 8th, we wanted to honor and celebrate women travelers and women in the travel and tourism industry around the world. And for that we had an intimate conversation with one of our adventure travel experts and former speakers, Jennine Cohen, to address the role women have in the traveling universe.

On one hand we have millions of women holding the tourism industry in their hands and making it work,…from tour guides to CEO´s, and business owners.  Women that are slowly but deeply and thoroughly giving shape to what travel is today, and reinventing and adjusting to what travel will be tomorrow, especially after this pandemic. And for that, we wanted to ask Jennine about Women Travel Leaders, a HUB where adventure travel leaders can come together, inspire each other, share thoughts and why not?, share also concerns and challenges; help each other, and basically feel you are not alone and that you are part of a community of peers that hear you.

On the other hand we have women travelers around the world dictating the travel trends and making daily decisions on where and how to travel, with their families, group of friends or on their own.  Therefore we wanted to ask Jennine to share her insights on an important trend that has been around for several years of women traveling solo, traveling solas….they are no longer waiting for someone either a family member, partner, or friend to decide to travel with them, but they just plan their trips and head off, to near or distant places.  Jennine not only is an expert and keen traveler, a living proof of traveling on her own, but also has worked for important adventure companies in the United States, which has given her access to key traveling data and has an updated pulse on what´s happening with women traveling solas.

Jennine has settled down in Mexico and she “has never felt more alive” in her life. Mexico is ATMEX home as well and we really wanted to ask Jennine what has been her experience on traveling sola around Mexico…why Mexico

Join us for this relaxed and intimate chat with Jennine Cohen and celebrate with us International Women’s Day!

If you are interested in learning more about Women Travel Leaders which is quickly becoming the most powerful network of women the travel industry has ever seen click here.



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