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September 19, 2018


1 - Colima Volcano

Adventure tour on  the slopes of the most active volcano in Mexico where you will be able to go trekking. You will visit different rural communities , an indigenous community, a former sugar cane hacienda, as well as one of the best prehispanic pottery collections from the western culture  dating over 2,500 years old. You will be able to experience the wonderful local gastronomy and learn and appreciate the traditions that made the award – winning Comala , the best magical town in Mexico in 2012. This town has been inspiration to artists, writers and crafstmen. 

Capacity: 20 – 60 pax
Operator: Admire México Tours

2 - Birdwatching tour

6:30 Lobby of the headquarters hotel.
6:45 Departure to the La Maria lagoon area.
7:30 Arrival to the La Maria lagoon area.
7: 30-9: 30 Bird watching tour through the external area of the La Maria lagoon park.
9: 30-10: 30 time for breakfast (Box lunch)
10: 30-13: 00 Bird watching tour through the inner part of the park and near the lagoon of La Maria.
13: 00-15: 00 Time for lunch.
15: 00-15: 30 Transfer from Laguna de la María to the historic center of Colima.
15: 30-17: 00 Walking tour through the historic center of Colima. Cathedral, Government Palace, Hidalgo Theater, City Hall and Constitution gift stores area.
17: 00-17: 30 Transfer from the historic center of Colima to the headquarters hotel.

Bird watching tour and visual or auditive identification of the different species of birds that we have in the area of the  la maria lagoon and nearby area to the town of la yerbabuena.

Walking tour through the historical center of the city of Colima, visiting the cathedral, the palace of government, the hidalgo theater , the Colima city hall and the gift store area located in Constitucion alley.

Capacity: 10 – 20 pax

3. Hot Air Balloon Tour in Colima

6:20 Hotel Front Desk
6:30 Departure
7:00 arrival at Cobano: hot-air-balloon-take off site
7:20 Balloon flight across the skies of Colima
8:30 Transfer to Nogaleras
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Transfer to Noguera
10:15 Arrival to Noguera. Time to explore picturesque town
12:15: Transfer to Comala
12:30 Arrival to Comala, walking around the White Town of America
14:30 Transfer to lunch
15: 45 Transfer to host hotel

Fly on a balloon over the Fire Volcano Valley of Colima. Experience flying over the Fire Volcano Valley of Colima on a hot-air balloon while enjoying a fascinating and unique landscape of Colima, an unforgettable experience. 

The ride offers a panoramic view of the Valley of Colima and the most active volcano in Mexico, El Volcan de  Fuego de Colima. Each ride is different because it is guided by the wind.

The tour starts at 6:00 am from Colima to Chiapa, in Cuauhtemoc Municipality for taking-off. Enjoy a spectacular dawn.

Guided tour to Nogueras, Comala and “La Campana”.

Capacity: 5 pax

Operator: ElevateMeshico Magical Tours

4 - Turtles and mangroves

8:45 Parking lot Hotel Misión
9:00 Departure to Cuyutlán
10:00 arrival in Ecocenter el Tortugario in Cuyutlán. Boat ride at the Palo Verde Estuary, flora, fauna and mangroves appreciation. (RAMSAR site)
11:00 Tortugario Guided Tour
11:30 Free sea turtles and learn about their conservation.
12:20 Transfer to Salt Museum
12:40 Guided tour at Salt Museum, warehouses and train station in Cuyutlán.
13:30 Transfer to dock at Cuyutlán.
13:45 “Green Wave” and Cuyutlan’s history.
There are testimonies that on Thursday, June 22nd in 1932, there was an earthquake in Cuyutlán, causing a 20-meter-wave that hit the town and ended with the life of more than 30 inhabitants.
14:30 Lunch at the beach (bathing optional)
16:00 transfer to Colima
17:00 return to hotel

Live the experience of discovering the world of the sea turtle, we will visit the famous rustic town of Cuyutlán, famous for its “green wave”. We will visit the center that helps endangered species “Centro Ecológico de Cuyutlan El Tortugario”.  We will learn about the sea turtles that come to lay their eggs on the beaches. We will also have a tour on a boat across the mangroves where we will be able to do some birdwatching.

We will visit the Salt Museum wher we will learn about the salt extraction.  

Afterwards, we will visit the volcanic black sand beaches and indulge in fresh sea food next to the ocean.

Capacity: 20 – 40 pax



5. Go out Manzanillo

8:00 Hotel Misión Parking Lot
8:10 Transfer to Manzanillo
(La Boquita Bay)
9:30-11:30 Canoeing at La Boquita Bay (2hrs)
11:30-12:30Food and rest under a bower
12:30-13:00 Transfer to Historic downtown Manzanillo
13:00-14:30 Move round Historic downtown Manzanillo, the Main Square and beach sidewalk (1hr 30)
14:30-15:45Transfer to Colima
15:45 Return to host hotel

Live the experience of visiting Manzanillo and pass through the wonderful la boquita bay, take a stroll on a canoe while observing and learning about mangroves, sea salt, turtles and birds, visits to historic downtown Manzanillo, a magical experience in this beautiful coastal zone. 

Capacity: 15 – 20 pax

Operator: Go Out Manzanillo


6 - Nevado de Colima Volcano Expedition

07:00 Hotel lobby
08:20 Arrival to the Fresnito Town, board the safari truck.
9:40 Registration at The National Park
10:00 Start the hike.
11:00 break
11:20 Continue the hike to the lookout “Puerto Colimotes”
11:45 Descend by sand zones.
12:45 “Curva del Leñador” break
12:55  Zone “La Joya”, Lunch
13:30 Descenso al pueblo El Fresnito / Descend to the Fresnito Town
15:00 witch vehicles
15:20 Comida en Restaurante
16:20 Salida a Colima.
17:45  Arrival to sede hotel, Colima.

We are going to visit the National Park “Nevado de Colima”.

We will observe the vegetation of the mesofilo forest and the alpine forest of Nevado de Colima. We will walk around 2.5 miles at the limit of the alpine vegetation and we can observe the volcano “el Colima” at an altitude of 13000 ft above sea level, we will also be able to see the city of Colima and other near towns. and then,  descend a path to the alpine forest for subsequently arriving again to the vehicle and starting the descent to the city.

Capacity: 15 – 29 pax

Operator: México Turístico EM


7 - Biosphere Reserve "Sierra Manantlán" Adventure

7:40 am – Pick-up from hotels
8:00 am – Departure to the Sierra de Manantlán
9:30 am – Arrival at the Terrero.
9:30 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. – Description of the
activity, security measures and presentation of
the community.
9:50 am – Departure to the Suspension Bridge.
11:30 am Hiking to the Panoramic Viewpoint.
(Observation of flora and fauna)
1:00 pm Artisanal Food with the Community of
2:00 pm Visit to the Nursery
2:30 pm Departure to Comala through the
communities of Lagunitas and Campo 4.
5:00 Arrival at the State Center for the Arts of,
Comala, Col.

Visit the sierra de Manatlán biosphere reserve, where the ejido del terrero is located. We will walk towards the bridge where the vegetation of tropical deciduous forest, tropical sub-deciduous forest and mesophilic mountain forest is aprreciated. The geology of the doline where the bridge is located will be explained in detail.

During the hiking to the lookout with panoramic view of the ejido, the different species of endemic flora and fauna will be explained. local legends will be told while on tour.

In the gastronomic area, the community will give an explanation about the cultural heritage, related to traditions and historical facts, the last activity in the terrero is the visit to the nursery, to start the descent towards Comala, crossing the communities of Lagunitas and campo 4, with panoramic views overlooking the valley of Colima.

Capacity: 10 – 20 pax

Operator: Aventura Camp


8 - Photo Safari in Volcanic area

6:00 Meet at the hotel lobby
6:10 Departure to El Bosquecito de Quesería.
8:00 Arrival to the Bosque
8:10 Guided hike in the trails of the volcano. 
10:00 Box lunch.
11:00 Flora and fauna appreciation and nature photography.
13:00 Departure to Restaurante

14:30 Lunch at Restaurant Monte Real, Quesería, Cuauhtémoc. Colima.
15:30 Departure to Fresnal Comala.
16:00 Fresnal Comala. Guided tour – Nature photography.
17:00 Departure to Colima.
18:00 Arrival to host hotel.

Explore Colima guided by a nature photographer experts and by a touristic guide by the Colima volcano trails, where you can appreciate fabulous landscapes of the state of Colima.  The ideal tour for photographers and nature fans.

We will visit places with beauty stage of the state of Colima for those who feel attraced by this sport-photographic modality. Conjuging the affection to the photography with the contact with the nature within a healthy environment, enjoying a little of the unique scenarios of the natural riches of Colima.


Capacity: 15 – 25 pax

Operator: Fotógrafos de Naturaleza Colima.

9 - Art & Culture: Archaeology to Popular Art

9:00 Meet at the parking lot of host hotel

9:00-9:30 Explanation and tasting of tuba.

9:30-10:00 Transfer to archaeological area

10:00-11:00 Guided tour on archaeological area. 

11:00-11:30 Transfer to the ruins of the Convento de San Francisco de Asís

11:30-12:30 Guided tour of the ruins of the Convento de San Francisco de Asís. Explanation and tasting of tejuino.

12:30-13:00 Transfer to the Populars Art Museum Ma. Teresa Pomar.  

13:00-14:00 Guided tour in Populars Art Museum   Ma. Teresa Pomar. IUBA.

14:00-14:30 Transfer to Restaurant
14:30-15:30 Lunch

15:30-16:00 Transfer to Colima downtown.

16:00-17:00 Colima by foot. 

17:00:17:30 Guided tour on Av. Calzada Galván: Casa de la Cultura, Piedra Lisa y Rey Coliman.

17:30 Arrival to host Hotel. 

Let’s begin with a visit to the ruins of the oldest viceroyalty construction in the western of mexico, which is Saint Francis of Assisi Convent, built IN COLIMA in 1554 by the Franciscans friars.

Learn about some very traditional Colimian beverages like tuba, which is the sap of coconut tree and was inherited to the Colima people by the Filipinos. The bate, a drink prepared with chia and honey made from unrefined sugar. Or the tejuino, a drink prepared with corn dough, unrefined sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, etc.

Visit the La Campana Archaeological Zone that had its splendor from 700 to 900 AD. Then on to The Maria Teresa Pomar Folk Arts Museum, to see the beauty of the Mexican crafts made out wood, sea shells, metal, clay, cardboard, stone, and many others materials.        

Capacity: 15 – 30 pax

Operator: Corazón de Colima Tours


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