Advantages of traveling to less well-known destinations

Needless to say: The pandemic has come to transform our habits and customs. Mobility restrictions have put thousands of businesses in our country in high risk and many others have had to permanently close their operations. We know the negative effects and unfortunately, there is still a long way to go.

However, little by little we begin to see exciting signs that forecast  a gradual return to our activities, although with new rules and restrictions, we begin to see greater movement within countries and tourism and other industries are slowly beginning to wake up.

We must still maintain the measures to avoid a new increase in positive cases of Covid, but it is an excellent time to start planning our trips and without a doubt, exploring new destinations can offer us many advantages as travelers, here I share from my perspective some of the advantages of visiting less well-known destinations.

Less people and crowds. Destinations less visited or outside the list of “the usual destinations” generally imply a smaller number of visitors, therefore, a lower risk of contagion for all. By maintaining sanitary measures, a destination can be better enjoyed when services are less saturated.

You will know new aspects of Mexican culture. In my opinion, the most interesting of Mexican culture manifests itself in small towns, in less-known destinations, and in places that are not so popular with traditional tourists. Venture out to try new foods, chat with people of different vision and enjoy landscapes you never imagined.

You can find options for different budgets. Less popular destinations can offer a greater alternative, being able to find excellent services at fair prices. Look to consume in local businesses, restaurants, bars and places frequented by locals, they generally offer affordable prices with great experiences.

Help to recover the economy of less visited towns. The most popular places for tourism will be the ones that will have a faster recovery, if you decide to visit towns and destinations outside the well known routes, you can contribute by generating economic income in the places you visit, the least visited destinations also need ro recover.

Decrease the environmental impact. The greater the number of visitors, the greater the negative impact that is generated on the destination, the greater the demand for resources and the greater the traffic at the destination. Helping to distribute tourism among a bigger  number of destinations can contribute to the conservation of the environment (as long as responsible tourism is practiced).

If you have not yet traveled, you can start looking for alternative destinations, start planning your trip, contact providers that have good services and experiences that comply with all biosafety regulations and of course, that seek to generate sustainable tourism in Mexico!



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