Adventure tourism and the virtual world: ATMEX 365 Platform

2020 will be a year that will mark us all. The tourism industry has suffered one of its biggest hits due to the global pandemic with travel on a virtual standstill around the world for months. Crises bring new opportunities and more resilient companies, projects and destinations have found ways to stay current, take advantage of new trends and use time constraints to generate new processes and better ways to promote and do tourism.

Although the virtual world can never replace the encounters that travel generates nor the emotions that are experienced in an adventure, the new communication trends have allowed us to connect with new people and new destinations. We have found alternatives to promote the destinations, to have deep conversations and to reflect and connect on the way in front of the new reality of Adventure tourism.

In the new reality, the virtual world will be more present than ever and we must find a balance in the ways to promote and do tourism, always looking for better relationships, more sustainable processes and more meaningful experiences.

ATMEX® efforts have focused on generating spaces and new ways to connect people and destinations, therefore, the ATMEX virtual platform will be an open space throughout the year, so that people can generate connections, business opportunities, promote destinations and projects and complement the offer of services and thereby seek a more sustainable and resilient adventure tourism.

If you are already registered to the event, create your profile with relevant information about your company or the institution you represent and start interacting with all the delegates at the event. We recommend you upload a profile photo of yourself to make your interactions more personal, and share clear and precise information about the products and experiences you offer. The more complete your profile is, the more likely you will have a positive impact on your business relationships and alliances.

The ATMEX platform will be active throughout the year. Don´t miss this great opportunity to connect with the adventure tourism industry in Mexico and Latin America.

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