Argentina, synonym of nature and adventure tourism

Six regions, over 5 thousand kilometers from North to South, huge mountains, amazing rivers, steppe, wetlands, national parks and much more can be enjoyed in the Argentine territory.

Feeling the murmur of the Iguazú Falls, sailing in the Iberá wetlands and watching the countless species of flora and fauna, getting lost in the Impenetrable in Chaco, enjoying the colors of the Northern mountains, tasting the Cuyo wine, taking a deep breath in the Córdoba mountains, understanding what life is like in the countryside in the Buenos Aires region or feeling the immensity, the crystal-clear waters and the wind of the Patagonia.

Argentina is a synonym of nature. This product is among the 5 most important consolidated ones in the whole country and constitutes the perfect basis for an international promotion strategy.

Nature as a tourism product comprises a vast range of activities. In this connection, the entire country offers related experiences, the ones with the largest supply being bird watching, 11 per cent, horseback riding, 10 per cent and, in the third place, mountain biking or cycling, wildlife watching and trekking, 9 per cent each.

As Ricardo Sosa, Executive Secretary of the National Bureau for Tourism
Promotion (INPROTUR) points out: “tourism in the future will be all about nature and green areas and, in this as well as in many other aspects, Argentina provides excellence as a destination as it offers the hospitality of its people as an additional advantage. The vast territory of our country is ideal for tourists to get around safely and confidently, knowing that green areas are available for them to enjoy a unique travel experience”.

Hand in hand with nature, Adventure Tourism is also growing in our country. Because Argentina offers such a varied geography, world travelers can take important circuits to go trekking, canopying kayaking, rafting in amazing rivers, as well as to overfly the End of the World, go cycling down an exciting slope or climbing the famous Aconcagua, among other plans. Argentina is ready and, once the health conditions allow it, it will welcome world tourists back and offer them nature, adventure and everything they are looking for, all year round.



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