Preparing the encounter

Every travel has the purpose of creating encounters. These encounters can be made with nature, with other people and their cultures, and with ourselves. Those of us who work in the tourism industry know that these deep encounters are the holy grail that we look for in each experience.

When we remember some of our favorite trips, they are always linked to the emotion of those encounters. Sometimes, nature and strong emotions are the catalyst that leads travelers to experience these profound encounters.

The true art of travel is to create the ideal conditions for these experiences to be deep and meaningful. Safety, quality and well-being are not up for discussion, from there, we have a free hand to create unforgettable itineraries, experiences and destinations.

Those of us in this industry know the importance of these encounters, of sharing ideas, learning and supporting each other. The work cannot stop and we must be the first to go on these trips and live what we promote.

Creating a space where people can find our similarities and differences makes experiences more transcendent. Meeting with a common goal always brings great results.

For the adventure and nature tourism industry, ATMEX has been that space in which we meet to create and generate better tourism.

We are still shaking from the blow of the pandemic, the referee began the countdown and some were unable to get up, others are hitting the gloves and preparing the guard to continue the fight. Traveling to meet us will be a great opportunity to reaffirm our mission and give us that support that is always needed.

The ATMEX team is very excited about the next edition, it is the tenth and those of us who have had the opportunity to be part of this community know that the greatest value is being able to meet on common ground, open new conversations, learn together, reach to agreements and make us stronger. I have not been since the beginning of the journey, but like any long journey, fellow travelers join and others stay in other destinations.

In October, we will have a great opportunity to remember where we came from and build together the vision of where we want to go. We are the ones who have been there, fighting back, risking resources, working every day, keeping destinations and businesses afloat, sometimes at the expense of our own well-being, but always seeking to build better tourism for the good of Mexico, its people and their biocultural heritage.

The stage will be unbeatable, hopefully we can live great stories that help us remember why and what we do the work we love.

See you in Guanajuato!



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