Strategic alliances to unleash the potential of adventure tourism

The world of tourism has been irreversibly transformed this year. Restrictions, constant changes and new trends have pushed destinations, operators, media and travelers to re-imagine our way of traveling and understanding tourism.

These changes have generated devastating effects for companies of all sizes, the rules of the game have changed and with any doubt the negative effects have been greater for thousands of operators and millions of people who depend on tourism.

According to the Secretaría de Turismo de México, by March 2020, there were 4,448,000 people employed in the sector, which represents approximately 8.9% of the workforce in the country. All of these people, the companies they work for and the family economies that depend on them, were seriously disrupted by the effects of the pandemic and travel restrictions.

Although uncertainty has been the only constant during these months, the efforts of thousands of people and organizations around the world to achieve a rapid and healthy recovery of the industry have been manifested in new opportunities, events, initiatives and strategic alliances.

Collaboration between projects that in any other time of “normality” do not aim at working together, have been interested and guided towards a new reality where collaboration, mutual support, understanding and collective work seem to be the answer to overcome the crisis. It is important to understand that the return of tourism not only has to be fast and safe, it has to be sustainable and aim at a more just and equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

In Mexico, ATMEX is positioned as the largest adventure tourism event and the objective of the event and of each of the team members that make it possible, is to offer solutions, alternatives and opportunities for all tourism actors to promote healthy and fruitful relationships, to point out the problems and challenges we face and to echo the voices that seek to transform and improve adventure tourism in Mexico and the world.

For this, ATMEX has created strategic alliances with operating companies, the media, academia and international organizations to contribute to the sustainable growth of adventure tourism.

ATMEX has two new strategic allies:

Wokii, an online communication media company, joins as a Media Partner of ATMEX Loreto 2020. With this, ATMEX’s communication efforts are strengthened to promote the re-imagination of tourism.

Wokii is an online communication media company in which we exclusively publish positive content; we offer reports, videos, opinion columns and podcasts on the friendly side of society, the environment and technology. Wokii is action and power; It implies not keeping silent about what should be put on sight; it is commitment, transformation, trust in others and above all, awareness that without the planet that inhabits us, we are nothing.”


Rotamundos is the first digital hotel chain in culture, nature and adventure in Latin America. It is a 100% Mexican company that provides small hotels owned by local families with its entire service platform to promote and market their offer and access new customers, as well as provide them with the best international practices in hospitality.

Rotamundos offers 2 nights of lodging in some of its hotels for 10 ATMEX delegates to know and experience the meaning of being conscious travelers: Rotamundos travelers.

These new alliances will generate new opportunities and communication to detonate the true potential of adventure tourism in Mexico and Latin America and with it, seek better tourism, more sustainable and with a greater positive impact.

We invite you to register on the ATMEX Loreto 2020 platform. The digital platform will be open all year round and will allow suppliers, media, buyers, academics and students to interact and take advantage of all the benefits of ATMEX throughout the year.

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