October 5 - 7, 2022

Octavio Aburto

Turismo y Conservación: ¿Qué rol debemos jugar en los próximos 10 años?

Octavio Aburto is Full Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), a professional photographer associate with the International League of Conservation Photographers, and a National Geographic Explorer. Dr. Aburto obtained his PhD at the Center of Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at SIO, and was awarded the Jean Fort Award by the University of California, San Diego, for his significant contribution to an issue of public concern through his doctoral research. Dr. Aburto is a Katerhyn Fuller Fellow, WWF-Science Program in 2010, was awarded the Conservation of Nature prize by the Mexican Ministry of the Environment – CONANP in 2014, and received a Hellman Fellowship, for a Junior Faculty Research Project in 2015. His research and photographs have focused on marine reserves and commercially exploited marine species and their fisheries in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and the U.S. His photographs have been part of several conservation projects worldwide and have won international photography contests.

Jordan Campbell

Peace, Security & The Future of Global Adventure

Jordan Campbell is an international journalist, documentary filmmaker and humanitarian activist. He is the CEO and Executive Producer at Ramro Global® | Worldwide Humanitarian Action, a socially driven film production company and emerging media space, spotlighting global health initiatives, aid and disaster response, climate change, water and food scarcity, women’s empowerment, children and education, war and conflict, the refugee crisis and other issues and challenges that define the worldwide humanitarian space.

Jordan is also an accomplished international mountaineer, having participated in pioneering expeditions to Himichel Pradesh in Northern India and the Nyenchen Tanglha region of Eastern Tibet, along with a myriad of climbing, skiing and mountain exploits spanning Europe, Asia and the Americas. His lifetime commitment to the global tribe of mountain adventurers has been fortified by his professional service as former director of communications for Marmot Mountain LLC and former expeditions manager for The North Face.

His film work, most notably to draw attention to cataract blindness and child heart disease in low-and-middle-income countries, along with other media assignments, has taken him to Nepal, Kosovo, Lebanon, Cameroon, South Sudan and conflict-affected countries like Ukraine, Libya and Iraq. Readers can find Jordan’s byline in National Geographic, Outside, Climbing and Men’s Journal. He is also the director of the award-winning documentary: Duk County (Mountainfilm 2013) about a humanitarian trip to South Sudan with a group of doctors who perform life-changing eye surgery in remote villages, which won the Indomitable Spirit Award and Moving Mountains Prize at Mountainfilm and screened twice at the United Nations.

Jordan is a board member of the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival, held annually in Southwest Colorado. He’s also an advisory board member of PridePads Africa which produces biodegradable, earth friendly and affordable sanitary pads for girls and women in rural Cameroon. Jordan is a member of the Denver Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Juan José Álvarez Brunel

En Guanajuato se viven grandes historias de aventura

He has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemical Engineering in Marine Science from Monterrey Tech-Guaymas, and holds a master’s degree in Applied Public Management from Monterrey Tech. He also obtained a Certification in Marketing from Monterrey Tech-León. He is fluent in English and has an advanced level of French.

He has also played important roles in mixed public-private commissions and councils, which propelled his political career as a member of the Guanajuato State Legislature for the 2015-2018 term, where he presided the governing body.

His political acumen, leadership, and vision paved the way for his current career in the public sector, where he served as Undersecretary of Employment and Labor Training, of the Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development, from October of 2018 until May of 2020, when he was appointed Secretary of Tourism

Regina de Angoitia

Turismo Comunitario y su Compromiso con la Conservación

Regina is a sociologist with an extensive experience in the social sector. She is the founder and leader of the TurismoES Program, of the Fundación del Empresariado en México (FUNDEMEX). TurismoES was born in 2018, with the support of expert allies in tourism and the participation of a great team. Together they have been promoting regenerative, inclusive, innovative and profitable community tourism, where the community nature tourism companies are the main actors. Since they are the owners of these territories and important members of their communities.

The TurismoES program has formed a Network of Community Nature Tourism Companies, with which it has created a learning community that works to strengthen them and promotes their full participation in the market.

Antonio Del Rosal


If something has made a mark in Antonio’s life and training, it has been his deep connection with the world of the outdoors. He began his “formal” involvement with the outdoors as a Scout at age 8, and since then every stage of his life has revolved around seeking opportunities to be outdoors.

 From his professional training to his hobbies, contact with nature is the common denominator. For the last 12 years, since the founding of one of his companies, Experiencias Genuinas, Antonio has build a team of experts through whom they have been able to give a new way of designing destinations and developing toyurism. Our motto “Nobody protects what he does not love and does not love what he does not know” has become our mission. We facilitate access to incredible places, worthy of admiration, respect and conservation.

Juan Carlos Ríos Bautista

Turismo comunitario y su compromiso con la conservación

Juan Carlos Ríos, Engineer In innovation and business development / superior technician University in administration in the tourist business area. General manager of the Selvaje ecotourism center and accredited guide NOM 09.
6 years collaborating in nature tourism and conservation.

Eusebio Roldán Félix

Manejo Forestal Comunitario, turismo y diversificación para la conservación

Agricultural Engineer with orientation in Silviculture and Forest Management by profession, Graduated from the Forest Technological Institute No. 1, El Salto, Durango, during the year 2001. I have collaborated in different institutions and organizations: From 2001 to 2008 and 2010 to 2015, as Responsible from the area of forest management, training and organization and the General Directorate of the Union of Zapotec-Chinantecos Forest Producer Communities of the Sierra Juárez (UZACHI), Oaxaca; 2008-2009 field technician in the Forest and Rural Productivity Program (PBPR), Tegucigalpa, Honduras; 2009-2010, Environmental Services and Benefits S.C. of R.L. (SEYBA), Quintana Roo and from 2016 as Responsible for the Community Forest Management Area of the Mexican Civil Council for Sustainable Forestry AC (CCMSS) in the Central Mexico office, Amanalco de Becerra, State of Mexico. During these years I have been close to the country’s agrarian groups, ejidos and communities as well as indigenous groups with work to strengthen local capacities, studies of timber and non-timber forest use, studies and monitoring of biodiversity, studies and forest inventories to analyze the capacity of forests to sequester carbon (CO2) and execution of activities of the Program of Payment for Environmental Services for the Comprehensive Management of the Territory (CCMSS), with the ejidos and communities of the center of the country in the activities of Management and Protection of natural resources, Strengthening of governance and social capital and sustainable productive projects such as Ecotourism, non-timber exploitation, forest certification. Likewise, since 2017 I have been a member of the Amanalco Expeditions Cooperative, as a Nature Guide.

Ricardo Rubén Sosa

Instituto Nacional de Promoción Turística - Argentina

Journalist graduated from the “Mariano Moreno” School of Journalism and Agricultural Technician from the National University of the Province of Santiago del Estero.

He has work experience, in the private sphere, in provincial newspapers and radio stations; and in the public sphere, he was a journalist in the Undersecretary of Press and Diffusion of the Santiago del Estero Government, Director of the Provincial Convention Center “Forum” and, later, Undersecretary of Tourism of the Province.

Currently, he works as Executive Secretary at the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR); who is working together with the President of the Institute (Mr. Minister Matias Lammens), to encourage receptive tourism to our country through strategies that increase the arrival of international tourists as well as place “Argentina” within the countries chosen to visit.

In the institutional sphere, he had a role in various projects, being a drafting member of the Meeting Tourism Marketing Plan for Argentina (2013), President of the Termatalia Argentina World Fair Organization Committee (2014), drafting member of the updating of the Federal Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism Argentina (2015-2025), Editorial member of the “Book of Tourist Experiences of Argentina” (2015), Official tourist representative of the Argentine Delegation at the Termatalia World Fair in Spain (2015), President of the Federal Council of Tourism (2015 -2016), President of the Ente Norte de Turismo (2016-2018) and Provincial Coordinator of the Dakar world event (from 2015 to 2017) and the MotoGP World Championship (from 2014 to 2019); and to highlight he is a Knight of the Order of the Camino de Santiago (2014-Present).

Tim Leffel

How to Attract Media Attention (Instead of Sending Them Somewhere Else)

Tim S. Leffel is the publisher and editor at a media company that runs five travel websites and he has been a travel writer since the mid-1990s. As a freelance writer he has contributed to Outside, Lonely Planet, Global Traveler, The Telegraph UK, USA Today, and many more. He has won dozens of “best travel writing” awards and is frequently quoted in the media as an expert on travel in Mexico. He is also the author of several travel books and is based in Guanajuato City. See more at TimLeffel.com.

Jericó Abramo Masso

Presidente de la Comisión de Turismo Cámara de Diputados

Jericó Abramo Masso (first name also written Yericó; born on October 17, 1975) Originally from Saltillo, Coahuila.
Jericó Abramo Masso is a politician from Coahuila with progressive thinking in aspects of democracy and governance, who has used the strategy of the sum of knowledge for better decision-making, passionate about comparative models of public administration, examples of national and international experiences and affect of statistics and hard data.
He is a natural generator of synergies, who is convinced that the sum of all political, social, academic, and private initiative actors are the strategy that will lead to informed and sustained decision-making.
He is currently a Federal Deputy representing the Fourth Electoral District of Coahuila de Zaragoza, in the LXV Legislature of the Mexican Congress.
He head of the Secretary of Housing and Territorial Planning of the State of Coahuila de Zaragoza.
He was a Federal Deputy for the VII Federal Electoral District of Coahuila of the LXIII Legislature, from September 1, 2015 to January 9, 2018.
In 2009 he was elected Municipal President of Saltillo, Coahuila, a position he held from 2010 to 2013; the motto of his administration was “” Saltillo eres tú “”.
He was elected Federal Deputy for the IV Federal Electoral District of Coahuila of the LX Legislature, serving as such from 2006 to 2009.
Jericó studied his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Universidad Autónoma del Noreste in Saltillo in 1997.
Participation in the specialization course in Politics and Social Affairs at the Universidad Iberoamericana in 2002.
Participation in the finance specialization course at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (ITESM) in 1998.
Participation in the specialization course in Internal Business Communication by the Faculty of Continuing Education, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. in 1995.

Nahum Ávila

Voces de ATMEX: 10 años creyendo en la aventura

Born in Mexico but living in Canada for more than 30 years. I have been a travel agent for more than 10 years, I work for an agency and operator in Quebec Canada. I am specialized in travel in Mexico and all of Latin America. Nature, culture and the infinity of adventure activities are the aspects that we want to share with our clients.

Angelina Martínez

Voces de ATMEX: 10 años creyendo en la aventura

Angelina was born in the North Highlands of Oaxaca, México, she has a Bachelor of Tourism Business Administration, a certificate program in indigenous leadership and in business management.

Angelina has extensive experience in community based-tourism, with special emphasis on community cooperation, product development, networking and marketing process. For more than 10 years she has lead Expediciones Sierra Norte, community tour operator of Pueblos Mancomunados, one of the most successful cases of Community based-tourism in México.

Her experience and passion for tourism have led her to do consulting processes for communities and social enterprises in the Mixteca Alta of Oaxaca, the Oaxacan Coast and Cancun. She has also been a speaker at different tourism events, including ATMEX.

Proudly Zapotec, traveler passionate and lover of outdoors activities.

Craig Zabransky

Voces de ATMEX: 10 años creyendo en la aventura

Craig’s love for adventure led him to take a year-long travel sabbatical from Wall Street in 2004 that transformed his life. When he returned to work, he navigated his career to accept a position consulting at Banamex in Mexico City. Immediately he became hooked on the country, culture and cuisine and stayed for 18 months. Then shortly after he took his belief of travel as a gateway to positive life change and created Stay Adventurous. This led to a career as a travel writer, the Staying Adventurous Podcast and now Stay Luxurious, a platform designed to make luxury part of the adventure too through unique curated experiences.

To date, Craig has traveled across 5 continents visiting more than 55 countries and still considers Mexico one his favorites and a second home. He never misses an ATMEX and has visited 20/32 states in Mexico on the quest to experience them all. With a continued focus on his platform and its mission to inspire others to take and make adventure in their life, he keeps traveling and also operates a local food tour in his home town of Islamorada, Florida. Next up will be more Stay Luxurious Journeys including opportunity to travel deeper with Craig and a sequel to his book, “Gifts from the Road.”

Cinthia Venzor

ViveMar ONG

I am Cinthia, Originally from Chihuahua, Chihuahua. Since I was little I have faithfully believed in the magic of nature, which is why I have dedicated my whole life to admiring, protecting and conserving it. This great conviction has led me to where I am today, I am currently the coordinator of the VIVEMAR project.

Great career and great experiences have managed to develop me and give me a genuine vision towards nature, humans, their culture, personal and economic development that gives life to sustainability with a real approach, sustainable by a pillar called consciousness.

In my career as a Vivemar mentor and creator of different projects within it, we have managed to develop ourselves and improve our skills to offer a true experience full of essence and meaning.

VIVEMAR, now it is my second family, here I have learned so much to transform my mind and have a real experience and connection with nature, so much invaluable wealth in the green mountains of the Oaxaca coast, the emerald waves of Palmarito Beach, innumerable experiences Direct contact with so much Wildlife, from the beautiful sea turtles to whales and dolphins, real friendships and real people have made me have the best job in the world.

VIVEMAR is an experience to transform your mind and give you an opportunity not only to sustainability, but also to open your mind and heart to have a genuine and real experience with the magic of nature.

Are you ready to live the VIVEMAR experience?

Rebeca Yañez


Rebeca studied World History at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and got a Masters Degree on Medieval History and Liberal Arts at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. For over 15 years Rebeca has participated in different courses, workshops and events related to adventure, sustainable and regenerative travel around the world, either as a speaker and a delegate.
In 2008 Rebeca co-founded her adventure and culture travel company, The Muddy Boot which focused on the design and operation of adventure and cultural trips around Mexico for international travelers. A year later she founded Dopamina Travel, an outbound travel company also focused on adventure trips around the world. As a business owner, Rebeca has been able to deeply understand the craft and work on every aspect of it, from product development and partnerships with local suppliers, to sales and marketing.
Rebeca represented the Adventure Travel Trade Association for Latin America as Membership and Partnership Director for 7 years during which she traveled the around the world and worked with countries like Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brasil amongst other, helping their tourism entities to design development strategies and promotion of their adventure travel products and experiences, as well as supporting the association´s members to grow their businesses through education, training and connection to the main markets.
Today Rebeca focuses 100% on her travel companies, is the President of the Adventure Travel Commission for the Travel Agents Association of Mexico City and founding member of The House of Beyond, de PURE Life Experience, a travel community focused on luxury travel around the world. Rebeca is partner of Experiencias Genuinas, a consulting firm specialized in adventure travel and year to year she becomes the Adventure Travel Mexico (ATMEX) event Director.

María Constanza Ferrante

Argentina en auto alquilado guiado por tu agencia de viajes

Director of Verde Pampa Viajes. A fervent follower of adventures, she mixes magical moments with traditional trips, carefully taking places that are outstanding and popular as well as exotic and inspiring. A trip is not only the visit to a landscape but the experience and sensations that you find when you visit it.

Creator of great experiences, she spends her day on a bicycle and follows sustainable methodologies for the conservation of the planet. Traveler, born in the Argentine countryside, she has been working in large corporations in the field for more than 15 years, learning and contributing her values to transmit her knowledge. She likes to travel to find herself feeling part of that new destination, making friends with the locals and understanding the needs of the place and always thinking about how to contribute one more grain of sand to the causes that she finds.

Gerardo Ibarra

Dopamina.travel // Ruta Origen

Gerardo Ibarra, was born in Torreón, Coahuila. He has a master’s degree in Sustainable Tourism and is a graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana as an Industrial Engineer, certified as a Development Instructor by the Richmond Vale Academy.

He has collaborated on different projects in Mexico, South America and África on topics related to tourism, community development and social impact. He worked in Subsaharian África on development projects during 2011. He was a consultant in Bolivia during 2013. He was director of a Roof for my country A.C and worked as a Project manager at United Way Mexico.

Founder of Ruta Origen, a socio-environmental company dedicated to sustainable tourism in Mexico, he is Director of Operations for Dopamina.Travel, an adventure tourism agency in Mexico, and is a collaborator of ATMEX (Adventure travel Mexico). He collaborates as a specialized consultant in Experiencias Genuinas and is a teacher in the master’s degree in sustainable tourism at the Universidad del Medio Ambiente.

He works as a consultant and workshop facilitator on sustainable tourism, social entrepreneurship and socio-environmental impact. He has published articles in different countries on topics related to tourism, sustainability and socio-environmental impact.

Ha colaborado en distintos proyectos en México, Sudamérica y África en temas relacionados al turismo, desarrollo comunitario e impacto social. Trabajó en el sur de África en proyectos de desarrollo durante 2011. Fue consultor en Bolivia durante 2013. Fue director de un Techo para mi país A.C y trabajó como Project manager en United Way México.

Fundador de Ruta Origen, empresa socioambiental dedicada al turismo sostenible en México, es Director de Operaciones para Dopamina.Travel, agencia de turismo de Aventura en México y es colaborador de ATMEX (Adventure travel México). Colabora como consultor specializado en el grupo Experiencias Genuinas y es dociente en la maestría en turismo sostnible en la Universidad del Medio Ambiente.

Trabaja como consultor y tallerista sobre turismo sostenible, emprendimiento social e impacto socioambiental. Ha publicado artículos en distintos países sobre temas relacionados a turismo, sostenibilidad e impacto socioambiental.

Federico Osuna

Experiencias Argentina

Professional with more than 15 years of experience and passionate about the destinations of our country. The effect that the combination of traveling and exploring natural attractions produces in the person is one of the most special moments that human beings can experience and from our profession we have the great pleasure of being creators and participants in the impact that this conjunction.
Transmitting our passion for the activity and participating in the dissemination of the natural beauties that we have in our country places us with the great responsibility of transferring the knowledge and passion for our Country to each of the professionals who wish to offer one of the destinations most surprising: Argentina. Welcome!.

Miguel Ángel Andrade

Guía de Turismo Rural y Aventura del Estado de Puebla

Miguel Ángel Andrade es fotógrafo y director de Turismo Rural en la Secretaría de Turismo de Puebla. Ha trabajado como gestor cultural y editor en proyectos sobre lenguas indígenas de la Sierra Norte de Puebla. Se interesa por la inmersión cultural de los visitantes en comunidades rurales a partir del respeto y la integración. En 2022 presentó Ruralya. Expo Turismo Rural y Aventura como un espacio de promoción y divulgación de los atractivos y servicios turísticos del Estado de Puebla.

Raul Jaramillo

Voces de ATMEX: 10 años creyendo en la aventura​

Master in Organizational Development and Bachelor in Tourism Resources Administration
He has ten years of experience in private initiative as manager of premium brands, in brands such as Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, Ford, Peugeot.
Teacher at the University of Guanajuato for 10 years with subjects such as Nature Tourism, Tourist Guide, certification of tourism companies, among others.

Founder and director of Alternative Tourism in Guanajuato local DMC focused on nature tourism with products such as Hiking, Rappelling, Horseback Riding, Cycling, ATVs and Glogo Flight, ruled according to NOM-011-TUR-2002, accredited in the Biosphere Responsible Tourism programs ,(international), Moderniza (national), NMX-AA-133-SCFI-2013 Sustainable Ecotourism (National), Rural Tourism Company (State)
Federal Guide according to NOM-08-TUR-2001 and NOM-09-TUR-2001.

Founding partner and consultant of Turismo En Marcha Consultants specialized in projects focused on nature tourism.
Founder and president of Tourism of Nature and Adventure of Guanajuato AC. ATNAG, an association that integrates and represents the main nature and adventure operators in the state.

Xóchitl Ramírez

Geotourism in a Global Geopark

I am a geographer dedicated to spreading of Science and Geotourism, entrepreneurship and strengthening into the comunnity in the UNESCO Mixteca Alta Oaxaca Mexico Global Geopark. I am a member of the scientific committee of Mixteca Alta and Regional Network of Geoparks in Latin America and the Caribbean. I have actively participated in the operation and enhancement of the strategy of geoconservation, geoeducation, geotourism from knowledge and learning the natural-cultural heritage. Since 2015 I have organized all activities like geotours, geotrails, nature trail, exhibition and sale of geoproducts. I have developed courses, training and workshops at framework local and international into Global Geoparks. As of 2021 I belong academic staff of the UNAM Institute of Geography where I work on strategic planning for the Geopark.

Juan Pablo Otero

Unconventional Offer of Tierra del Fuego - End of the World

My name is Juan Pablo Otero, Head of Institutional Relations at Instituto Fueguino de Turismo, official tourism entity of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, Argentina.

I am in charge of the “Destination Commercial Positioning” program, part of our “Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism 2025”, whose main objective is to bring the commercial proposal of the different actors that make up the End of the World offer closer to the trade.

I am also in charge of the “Destination Commercial Strengthening” program, working together with touristic providers in the creation of unconventional products and in the development of the End of the World offer.

María Cristina Nemesio

Immerse yourself in a Natural Argentina

Holder of Canuca Travel evt. Receptive tourism operator in La Pampa. 15 years in the market
Former President of the La Pampa Chamber of Tourism for the period 2009-2012/2015-2022. Former FEDECATUR director, Former CAT director, Former North Patagonia Regional Vice President (La Pampa-Neuquén-Rio Negro) Women Entrepreneurs CAME (period 2018-2022) Event organizer; Planning organization and Execution of Tourism programs in La Pampa. Commercial Advisor for national and international destinations -Representative of foreign companies-Former director of the La Pampa Social Security Institute; Former director of the Social Works Council Co-founder and director of the Council for Older Adults LP.

Miriam Andrade

Guanajuato: Una mirada hacia la sustentabilidad en el turismo

I have a degree in Hospitality and Tourism, as well as a Master’s degree in Advertising and Strategic Marketing from De la Salle Bajío University, I have dedicated my efforts to the Tourism sector in Guanajuato for more than 16 years.

I worked in some hotels in the city of León and later coordinated the Association of Hoteliers of this city. Subsequently, I coordinated the work for the development and consolidation of the Tourism Observatory of the state of Guanajuato and its inclusion in the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), being the first in Latin America to join this organization.

I worked on the creation and implementation of the Tourism Sustainability Model of the state of Guanajuato, the first in Mexico promoted by public administration, focused on different actors: companies, destinations and the government itself.

Currently, I am Director of Information and Analysis at the Secretary of Tourism of the state of Guanajuato, promoting the generation of statistical information that allows knowing the behavior of visitors who arrive at our destinations and that help in the definition of strategies and actions to improve the experience during your visit, always focusing on the integration of new tools that allow us to take advantage of what technology offers us.

Likewise, I am in charge of the General Directorate of Tourist Intelligence, strengthening the strategic alignment of the plans and programs that govern us with the different actions that are developed from the Ministry of Tourism, promoting in them a sustainable approach that allows strengthening and protecting the current resources for the future. The opportunity to work with public and private organizations has allowed me to continue promoting the generation of information and the development of new projects that make tourism always a better option for the development of our country.

Karla Thalía Mendez

Guanajuato: Una mirada hacia la sustentabilidad en el turismo

Thalía has a degree in Tourism Resources Administration from the University of Guanajuato and a Master’s degree in Tourism Development and Heritage from the same institution. Complementing her training, she has taken various refresher courses given by the World Tourism Organization, the German Cooperation Agency for Sustainable Development (GIZ); Global Compact Mexico, University of the Environment, Regenerative Tourism Initiative; Human Rights Ombudsman of Guanajuato, Meetings Mexico among others.

Currently, she works as Coordinator of the Tourism Sustainability Model in the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Guanajuato and is in charge of the management of various internal and external cross-cutting initiatives on climate change, implementation of good sustainability practices in public tourism organizations and private, capacity building and management of strategic alliances.

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